About Calo Marketing

Calo Marketing (formerly Calosseum) was founded in 2021 under the investment company, Nomad Capital. The original goal of Calosseum was to provide sales and marketing services to companies under the Nomad Capital Investment Group. Since its founding, Calo Marketing has evolved into a fractional marketing agency that offers its services both to Nomad Capital clients as well as a wide range of outside companies 


The CALO Core marketing principles create the pillars of a successful marketing strategy for your company. Our core marketing principles include: 


Consistent content is key to having successful brand awareness, effective campaigns, and concise website content. By establishing your brand voice, you set your business up for all content needs and in turn provide prospects, leads, and current customers with a brand they know and trust 


Marketing can be difficult to directly relate to ROI. At CALO we build a base, so reporting on marketing campaigns is clear and understandable. You will be able to see where improvements are needed and what marketing techniques are providing the best results in your industry 

Lead Gen:

Without clear Call-to-Actions (CTA’s), User Design and Experience (UX/UI), and Ad Campaigns, your company is not easily accessible for prospects to turn Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s) to Active customers. Lead Gen is always top of mind when building out your organization’s marketing strategy.  


Marketing tactics and best practices are constantly evolving and improving. Therefore, optimizing is key. Making adjustments and optimizations, by following Google’s Best Practices, pivoting marketing campaigns, and strategic planning can help better address your clientele and business needs while improving performance 

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